What do we think of Pinterest for Government?

This is a good introduction on setting up a business account on Pinterest, by Mari Yamada. Pinterest is an interesting platform that I feel has taken social media by storm. I wonder though, is Pinterest useful for government agencies? What use would they get out of this platform? Take the poll and let me know if you would follow one or leave a reply and tell me what you think they could be used for!


Do you want Gov’t outsourcing Social Media?

I read an interesting article from Travis Huff, CEO and Founder of Real-time Outsource, that was posted July 30, 2014 on Socialmediatoday.com.

It has me wondering, as articles generally do. My question today is, does the public want their government’s to outsource communications and social media? What are the implications of that? Will this make the content bias? Less informative? Less timely?

What do you all think?

Is Social Media Different for Government?

Here is an interesting webinar from Kristy Dalton, a government social media guru! She was thrown into the field working for City Government in Colorado, and made a name for herself as Gov Girl. This is someone who realizes there is a need for government agencies to analyze and use social media differently than businesses.  Do you agree that there is a difference?


Social Media Directories: Useful or waste of time?

It has become a habit for government websites to list their agency’s social media accounts.  The pages are filled with long tables listing each departments’ accounts with icons.  How effective do you think this is? Did you even know these were out there?

I notice there doesn’t seem to be a unified front from the various divisions within each agency.  Do you think this makes it more confusing?  Would you rather speak to one account to get to all of your officials, or is this way more personal and indvidualized? Perhaps, it is getting you to the right people quickly.

Here is a listing of our local government listings as well as federal.

Let me know what you all think!